The Evolution of HDPE



Modern polyethylene pipe has become a robust and exceptionally reliable solution utilized in multiple industries for an extensive range of applications. Have you ever been curious about how this versatile pipe evolved? Let’s dive a little deeper into the history.

It was 1933 during the month of March that two organic chemists joined forces to create the material we all know today as polyethylene. The pair were testing a multitude of distinct chemicals and created a white, waxy substance that would play an integral role in the development of polyethylene.
The white substance was a result of the testing of benzaldehyde and ethylene and how they reacted to each other. The container the chemists were using to test began to leak, resulting in an escape of pressure. The white substance would go on to bear a considerable resemblance to plastic. By the end of the decade, the material was patented and was being used.

During the 1950s, polyethylene transitioned into what most people know as high-density polyethylene, also by its common HDPE acronym. This development was a result of the work of German chemist Karl Ziegler. By the mid-1950s HDPE was not being used in pipe production. Ziegler’s work would earn him the prestigious 1963 Nobel Prize in Chemistry.

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