Reasons to Consider Machinery Equipment Rentals

We’ve mentioned on previous occasions our machinery equipment rental options. Rentals provide an alternative to purchasing a machine or paying for something you may only need for a certain project. Let’s explore a couple of additional reasons why renting from MIMECO may be a viable solution.

Get rid of the upfront investment. Machinery equipment by names like McElroy cost thousands of dollars, which translates to a considerable capital cost. Should you decide to sell, you may not receive the money you would want for the machine if you keep it around for several years. Hence, renting will allow you to put that money towards other project needs.

Reduce long-term expenses. Today’s machinery equipment is sophisticated and tremendously powerful but like any machine, it will require maintenance to ensure optimum performance over the long term. Whether it’s checking to make sure fluids are at proper levels or the hydraulics, you’ll need to set time aside for machine upkeep.

Better storage options. Machines like those by McElroy are continually improved to reduce size and weight while still getting the job done. However, these are still large, unwieldy machines that should be kept in an area where they are not exposed to the elements or factors that may damage them. Considering their size, renting them instead of finding where to keep them is an option worth evaluating.

Miami International Machinery & Equipment Corporation (MIMECO) specializes in industrial equipment and machinery supply. We have more than two decades providing professional solutions in The Guianas, the Caribbean, and Suriname, supplying brands like Performance Pipe, McElroy, Carboline, and more. With our years of experience working as exporters and purchasing agents, we look forward to supplying your company with robust, quality products and solutions at the best prices. Call 305-570-3831 for additional information on our product selection or industrial equipment rentals.

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