Working with Pipe Fusion

Also commonly known as butt fusion, HDPE pipe welding is a common practice across a multitude of industries. The welding process is typically performed by machines of varying size that require a significant amount of labor or may be utilized with a few controls. This process has been performed countless times but there are still plenty of hazards that need to be taken into account when it is being performed.

In many cases, workers need to fuse hundreds of feet worth of pipe, requiring the use of front loaders. This may lead to an incident called “struck by”. Alternatively, there may be stored energy inside of the pipe which can cause a pipe to snap and cause injury due to whiplash. Hand injuries, pinch points, and strains are other common hazards that workers should be aware of.

The best practices to reduce or eliminate pipe fusion are simple and straightforward. Make sure the staff is thoroughly trained, block off the work area when using the pipe, and be aware of where a pipe will go in the event it is dropped. Even if a pipe fusion machine is turned off, shavings should be cleared safely without sticking one’s hands or body where it could result in an injury.

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