What You Should Know About the Fusion Process

hdpe!There are a number of variables that can affect the fusion process when working with high density polyethylene (HDPE) pipe. These variables may result in delays, and it’s important to note that even when conditions are the most ideal, fusions do require time to complete. Hence, if you’re about to begin a new construction project, it’s wise to take into account these variables and how they may affect your productivity or workflow.

Temperature and precipitation. On those days when the weather ramps up to the upper 90s, it may take longer for your fusions to cool down and will likely require setting up tents to provide shade. Conversely, cold days may require more pre-heating time. Speaking of tents, moisture may wet the pipes and may require waiting until the pipe has entirely dried.

Location and terrain. While fusion machines are designed to deal with all types of terrain, if the surface is muddy or uneven, it could mean unstable footing, which may result in challenges when attempting a fusion. Working in narrow trenches can also make it tricky to use the fusion machine.

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