Pipe Fusion Machine Maintenance

pipeFusionToday’s pipe fusion machines are quite intricate with their numerous small components that are each essential to proper function. For the inexperienced worker, these machines can be a challenge to operate, and proper maintenance is absolutely essential to ensure long-term performance. Failure to conduct maintenance can result in slower performance, malfunction, or in some cases the machine may simply stop working, resulting in potentially costly delays or worse

Perhaps the easiest yet often overlooked thing to do is ensure ongoing cleanliness. Pipe fusion machines often have to operate in rugged or harsh environments where dirt and grime are rampant. These conditions may cause corrosion, hence it’s vital to thoroughly clean. Heaters and facers are susceptible to dirt and moisture, so it’s important to take the time to keep the machine clean.

Speaking of heaters, these require butt plates or adapters for proper function. These plates and adapters should be free of scratches. If there are significant scratches or gouges, most modern pipe fusion machines make them very easy to replace.

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