Performance Pipe Unveils New Polyethylene Pipe

performancePipe-1Performance Pipe recently announced a new polyethylene (PE) pipe featuring capabilities designed to dramatically improve abrasion resistance in a number of energy and industrial applications. Called the DriscoPlex 4800, this PE pipe is manufactured from optimum quality medium-density polyethylene.

Tests have shown the 4800 series is capable of providing more than 25% greater abrasion resistance versus other High-Density polyethylene (HDPE) pipes. As a result, industries such as mining and oil and gas can expect a significantly longer service life. Besides the longer service life, the 4800 considerably reduces slow crack growth thanks to its stronger resistance, offering less stiffness and improved ductility. With these enhancements plus its reduced weight, handling and installation on the field is much more efficient.

Performance Pipe offers a number of advantages over alternative solutions. It is environmentally friendly, chemical and corrosion resistant, it has zero leaks, and is lightweight. At Miami International Machinery & Equipment Corporation (MIMECO) we have a robust selection of DRISCOPLEX Municipal and Industrial HDPE Pipe. This pipe is compliant with ASTM D3035/AWWA C901 or ASTM F714/AWWA C906 and NSF/ANSI 61 product standards and is produced from the highest quality HDPE pipe material.

Miami International Machinery & Equipment Corporation (MIMECO) specializes in industrial equipment and machinery supply. We have more than two decades providing professional solutions in The Guianas, the Caribbean, and Suriname, supplying brands like Performance Pipe, McElroy, Carboline, and more. With our years of experience working as exporters and purchasing agents, we look forward to supplying your company with robust, quality products and solutions at the best prices. Call 305-570-3831 for additional information on our product selection or industrial equipment rentals.

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